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mass health screening

Eurofins E-Clinical enables leading companies to manage medical screening of their employees, guests, and passengers efficiently, to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. With Eurofins’ unique network of 900 laboratories in over 50 countries, the E-Clinical solution is your best partner for keeping your premises safe and contamination-free.

For business organisations

Eurofins E-Clinical is a one-stop shop for various organisations to efficiently ensure that employees, passengers, and guests are tested negative for COVID-19 before entering their premises.

The solution helps you to securely manage, share, and verify COVID-19 test data matched with traveler identities.

For passengers / guests

Through Eurofins E-Clinical, passengers and guests can sign up and book a test appointment.

They can then use their E-Clinical ID (in a QR code format) to identify themselves at their appointment and when entering the service provider’s premises (e.g. an airplane, cruise ship, or event).

Show your passengers and guests that you care about their health and safety

Eurofins E-Clinical automatically assesses the medical test results of passengers, guests and employees, while managing all the necessary steps end-to-end.

E-Clinical is flexible so that organisations can adapt as regulation and science evolves. 


Organizations can manage mass testing efficiently to mitigate any risk of error.


Avoid the consequences of employees or guests becoming infected on your premises


Improve guest trust and confidence by managing health screening well.

Use cases

Passenger and guest screening

End-to-end digital passenger journey: From appointment booking and generating test results, to managing online and onsite payments. Whether you need to test travellers or event guests, Eurofins E-Clinical can provide a fool proof and efficient solution.

Employee screening

Screening employees enables organisations to comply with COVID-19-related safety regulations and prevent onsite infections.

It also reassures employees and guests that the organisation has their health and safety as a priority.


Whether you need to organise testing for your employees, passengers, or guests, Eurofins E-Clinical can provide a customised solution based on the following general process elements.


Eurofins E-Clinical offers multiple ways to register customers, including migration, self-registration, and registration by sampling personnel. Self-registration can also include appointment booking, advanced user eligibility verification (e.g. by ticket ID), or online payment.


Sampling personnel use our handy mobile app to assign test kits to patients. Personnel have a customised view of customer data, limited to their needs.

Test result

Eurofins E-Clinical shares test result information through a secure API. These results can be presented in various customised certificate templates.

Test compliance control

Controllers use a mobile app to verify test compliance when guests enter the premises of the service provider, e.g. at the entrance of an event or when boarding a plane. Controllers don't have access to medical data, only the assessment result.


Mobile app

One app for everybody. Passengers and guests, employees, and controllers log in with their unique credentials and have access to only the functions and data they need.

Web portal

The Eurofins E-Clinical web portal enables organisations to manage their users and premises, and control gathered data.

Eurofins E-Clinical API

The Eurofins E-Clinical API connects an organisation’s backend systems to Eurofins’ vast network of laboratories, and can even embed E-Clinical functions into their mobile app.

Data security and privacy

The Eurofins E-Clinical is designed and developed for the information security and data privacy. Test results, as well as other data processed are handled and stored with due care by professionals to ensure continuous confidentiality, correctness and accessibility for the safety of your employees, guests, passengers, and businesses.

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